The Grompound™ is epic! It's located on planet Earth and is where Zach and the Grom Helpers have built Grom Social Headquarters. Grom Social is a social networking site that Zach created so kids could connect, share cool ideas and learn new things in a safe environment. At the Grompound™, imagination, teamwork, and major fun rule. Anything is possible! Zach has always believed, "if you can dream it, you can do it!" The Grompound™ rocks with grom energy!

There's a ton to do at the Grompound™, but skating is off the hook - especially if you're a vert skater. It's all about flying through a tropical paradise and busting out your best technical skating. Don't forget to grab big air with speed boosts on the half-pipes. You might even end up in one of the Weekly GromCasts that are received throughout the Gromarama5 solar system sharing grom energy, the latest happenings and news of the Grompound™!