Ollie's dad is a well-respected Producer on planet ShredTopia™. That's where Ollie acquired his fascination with taking things apart and putting them back together. Ollie also has a passion for skating. He loves skating at the Solar Complex, or "Plex", the community center with a skate park, sports leagues, and general hangout. Even though Ollie has never been a great skater, he loves everything about the sport, especially hanging out at the Plex with his friends - that is, until other skaters started making fun of him. The bullying was rough. They called him names like "poser" and laughed at him every time he had to bail, which was often! Noswad was the worst! Even Ollie's buddies looked the other way when Noswad was around. One day, after really getting worked over by Noswad, Ollie snapped. He had enough of the laughing, teasing and rough shoves. He trashed his skateboard and left the park. He vowed he would never skate again.